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Alex is the owner of the local bar and a pimp.

Favorite phrase: What’s your secret?

Main story: Wealth and attention have surrounded Alex since his childhood. His parents owned a small salon, but Kimari collapsed too fast. Alex’s dad was shot dead in a drunken brawl, and mother was pretty enough to miss the opportunity to leave that hole with another imposing visitor. Alex was also very attentive, but he was left alone with the loss-making salon. Then he realized what travelers needed to spend their time and money. Women. And if you get on the right side of themб they will give you something really precious – information. If you possess information, you possess the whole world. All these left factories, severe Wasteland – what can they propose to the young girls and those mature? Nothing. But he can – clean room, beautiful clothes, bathroom and even perfumes, as well as health care. Doctor Lector is a special client here. He is highly-regarded for his numerous talents and he gets everything for free. The most “gifted” girls managed to get married then. Alex always helps them in such affairs; after all they have spent their best years in his institution. Still Alex prefers to keep offstage as good business doesn’t stand any fuss. High and mighties may dislike him or even be a bit afraid of him, but they need him – anyone who can make a bargain with this smart barman is always the first to know about all possible troubles before they become real.