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Boris is the local armorer.

Favorite phrase: If you want to live – buy armor. If you don’t want to – don’t buy it…

Main story: Boris grew up in the workshop, all secrets of good armor he learned from his father who learned them by his father and so on. How can you save on leather and make a good armor? How can you armor fabric to get a bullet-proof vest of 17 kilos instead of 20 and keep all its protective qualities? All these secrets Boris now tells his apprentices. Nowadays times are not the best but at least not the worst. Of course people very seldom order high-quality armor (and to be honest – Boris doesn’t have material to make it), but there are many repair orders. If outfit is of a poor quality it’ll become shabby very soon. It’s a pity that today’s reality doesn’t allow guys to create masterpieces, but their armor is really popular not only among local authorities but also with non-official people. And that’s enough to feel safe and eat bread with butter, even if it’s made of corn.