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The desert world has changed after many years of desolation and it’s dangerous and mysterious now. Climate has also changed and the main vegetation in the game world is represented by almost dry trees and bushes. Somewhere we can see green spaces but they’re mostly artificial and located in towns. Grass is low and rare. Wolves, wild dogs, gaggles and, of course, people are permanent inhabitants of the desert. Bandits try their luck everywhere, they attack wanderers and caravans. In deep underground, in canalizations and catacombs, where poor people had to hide during the catastrophe, new creatures were born – they got used to dark and wet tunnels, carrion and rats as the main food. Ditchers, lichis and other dangerous creatures live there. There’re no cyborgs and robots in this world, no magiс and aliens. This is the Earth in 150 years after the catastrophe and the team is trying to create a world that will reflect this new life as full as possible.

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