Hans Lector

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Hans Lector is the doctor, surgeon, traumatologist, obstetrician, you name it!

Favorite phrase: Want some advice?

Main story: Hans Lector is a former military surgeon and field doctor. He perfectly realizes reality of life. Yes, organs’ trading is more than necessary. Yes, people don’t think much of their bodies until it’s too late. And yes, women are beautiful! Especially after you have washed them… People are not sober-minded and in his opinion they’ve never been. Sometimes it even seems that they destroy themselves for purpose. Hans tried to run sanitary and hygienic campaign in Kimari so many times, but it all was in vain… Only posters depicting people that local rowdies finished with their vulgar drawings can attract attention of the town’s inhabitants. But he kept his habit of giving advices as he failed to get rid of it. Do you want an advice? Go away from this place. Run as far as you can to a place where you can still change something…