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Concept art for Kimari
  • Population: Number of inhabitants is unknown
  • Location: Western district of the Wasteland
  • Motto: You’ll love life only when you start hating it!

Kimari. In fact it had been founded much earlier than other bigger towns and once it appeared to be even the capital of the Wasteland, but strong and fast-growing neighboring towns always attracted kimarians. So nowadays it’s not a real town but an agony of the roadside brothel… Its inhabitants just had to accept their fate, they learnt to survive and earn money. Sooner or later people can get used to everything… A transit point for caravans – that’s a new mission for Kimari. Wanderers usually make a pit stop there to rest and renew their supplies. The thing is, kimarians work almost for free, their fee is often a mere opportunity to become caravans’ guards. All solvent inhabitants soon followed by craftsmen and workers left Kimari so factories and farms remained abandoned. Large part of Kimari’s territory hides an underground bomb shelter – people who once survived there created the town later. There’s a local legend about “Winds’ crossing”. Kimarians believe in the healing power of wind on this crossing. If a person is dignified he will be healed but dark souls will definitely die. Still there haven’t been noticed miraculous healings lately. Incessant showdowns between small gangs made people stick together and helped to create something similar to town administration. Dynn Olson was elected as a sheriff. People rumored that being a teenager he was tortured by a gang and left hanging near the entrance of the town exposed to the burning sun. At nightfall he disappeared… People decided that his body had been dragged away by wasteland’s scavengers but the following night one of Dynn’s tormentors also disappeared, then another one… In a week he settled scores with all of them. So todays precarious peace is based on his authority. There’re a lot of gangs in Kimari, but no one will risk violating Dynn’s law, as Dynn is the law himself. In course of time the town has also got its mayor – Isaac Dang. We don’t know a lot about this man, only that he never changes. His appearance never changes. People say he’s arrived from Adaran one day. He wasn’t the first mayor who tried to take roots in Kimari, but all those previous failed. There was even a proverb telling that Kimari was soon running out of mayors. Still Kimari accepted Isaac, maybe he made a proposal to the town that couldn’t have been missed… Who knows? Nobody, except old barman and sheriff… Kimari’s surroundings are full of dangers but chances of surviving become higher if you get to know its inhabitants and you are not a boor, of course.

Many years ago this valley was really green and beautiful. Now it is burned and ugly. Lonely mountain pinnacles no longer protect against rude desert winds and hurricanes. Kimari finds its only protection in low walls raised by its inhabitants. Behind this barrier the desert holds full reins. It has its own rules and there are a lot of those who adapted to them. People say there is no life in the desert. It gives travelers no chance to quench their thirst. All remaining water sources are infected with deadly diseased or emit radiation. If you are able to survive without food, dangerous predators wait for you at night, and they eat not only plant food…

People try to inhabit the wasteland, as its old marshes and the city’s surroundings contain a lot of resources. For example, gas was found at the bottom of swamps and it is now pumped with special devices.

Rains are seldom guests in this area, but when they come they bring thunder and lightning along. Someone uses the rain water to refill drinking water stocks and someone – to practice necromancy.